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Two Murderous Covenants

THE PLO COVENANT THE NAZI COVENANT Palestine is an INDIVISIBLE part of the homeLAND of the ARABS and the Palestinians are an INTEGRAL part of the ARAB NATION We demand the UNION of all GERMANS to form a GREAT GERMANY Palestine is the home LAND of the Palestinian PEOPLE We demand LAND and TERRITORY for […]

Israel What happened in 1967 Year: 1967

What happened in 1967 that caused Israel’s borders to change?

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Kristillnact, 1938

Munich, September 1938. What happened? Britain and France generously donated a big slice of Czechoslovakia to Hitler, in exchange for “peace with honor,” “peace in our time”. What followed? Kristillnacht – in November of 1938. What caused Kristillnact besides the irrational hatred of Jews? Appeasement. Appeasement doesn’t merely fail to prevent catastrophe, it provokes catastrophe. […]

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Two murderous covenants: the PLO Covenant and the Nazi Covenant

Received by email, with much gratitude, from reader Karl Huttenbauer: This chart, a comparison between the Nazi and PLO Covenants, was published 25 years ago in the Canadian Jewish Herald – Oct.1980 (publisher Dan Nimrod z”l). One year later saw publication of ‘On A field of Red’ – the Comintern and the coming of World […]


The Four Entities of Palestina-Eretz Yisrael

Submitted by reader Karl Huttenbauer, Berlin: The Palestinian National Covenant was first promulgated in 1964 (when the West Bank was under Hashemite rule) wherein Article 2 “defines Palestine as an indivisible territorial unit within the boundaries it had during the British Mandate 1920 including Trans-Jordan” ( East Bank). In plain words – Jordan is Palestine […]