BBC reporter cried for Arafat

Hmmm. Our British distant cousins come in two distinct flavors when Jews and Israel are concerned. There is the elegant, compassionate British ally, represented by Marguerite of Doves and Pomegranates who understands and shows compassion for Jews and Israel. Then there is the dysfunctional, loathsome snot type who solicit for the assassination of President Bush […]

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Revisionism and Mendacity: A Self-Portrait of Palestinian Society

In a vulgar distortion of history, the PA media often compare the Palestinian situation to the suffering of the Jews in the Holocaust. The PA’s latest propaganda film about “refugees” draws on a well-known image from Holocaust history — dead Jews hanging over barbed wire — and restages it with false images of Palestinians hanging […]

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U.S. funds pay and promote ‘martyrdom’. How is this possible?

Despite its policy to cut off funding to terrorists, nearly $500,000 of USAID [United States Agency for International Development] money funded a Palestinian Authority soccer stadium named after the head of Black September terrorists, says Itamar Marcus, author of the report and director of Israel-based Palestinian Media Watch. The group was responsible for the murder […]