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Palestinian Authority (PA)

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More Palestinian Authority libel

Deconstructing intelligence as a requirement for membership in the Palestinian Authority. Via PMW: Israel’s supernatural rats chase away Jerusalem’s Arabs. The Palestinian Authority has come up with yet another wild accusation about Israel. Two PA newspapers – one directly controlled by the office of PA President Mahmoud Abbas – are accusing Israel of releasing rats… Keep Reading

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Jerusalem Viewpoints from JCPA

Received by email: Greetings from Jerusalem, We just published two new and very insightful Jerusalem Viewpoints that I think you’ll find of interest: “The Muslim Brotherhood: A Moderate Islamic Alternative to Al-Qaeda or a Partner in Global Jihad?” by Lt. Col. (res.) Jonathan Dahoah-Halevi “The Palestinian Authority and Jewish Holy Sites in the West Bank:… Keep Reading

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Today in Jewish History – Cheshvan 12

If Palestinianism has any validity, so then does Zionism. Anti-Zionism is racism. Get it? Sponsored by Aish.com: In 1975, the United Nations passed a resolution declaring that “Zionism is racism.” Israel’s Ambassador to the UN, Chaim Herzog, noted the irony of the vote coming (on the English calendar) exactly 37 years after Kristallnacht. The UN… Keep Reading

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An IDF officer was rescued Monday afternoon by Palestinian Authority police officers after he mistakenly entered Jenin. It’s a shame when Jews can’t enter their own Jenin, thought to be the site of the Israelite village of En-gannim (עין גנים), mentioned in the Jewish Bible. But like everything else Islam has hijacked, Islam has also… Keep Reading

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