Palestinian Truck Seen Leaving Eli

Palestinian Truck Seen Leaving EliThis afternoon a black truck with a yellow cab and Palestinian Authority license plates was seen leaving Eli at 1:00 PM. Eli is a mostly religious town near Shilo in Samaria, and under the authority of the Binyamin Regional Council.Eli can be added to the list of towns, including Ofra, which even allows Palestinian Authority vehicles…

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Palestinian Rockets Hit Israel, Breaking Hamas Truce

Palestinian Arabs doing what they do best. From Palestinian Rockets Hit Israel, Breaking Hamas Truce: Three Kassam rockets fired from Gaza on Tuesday struck the Israeli town of Sderot and its environs, constituting the first serious breach of a truce between Israel and Hamas, the Islamic group that controls Gaza. Mark Regev, a spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert,…

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Muslim barbarian kills 8 innocent Israelis and maims several others

In the worst terror attack against innocent Israelis since 2006, a palestinian Muslim terrorist opened fire at a central Jerusalem yeshiva late Thursday night, killing at least eight students and wounding 10 others. As security forces raced to the scene, the Muslim fired round after round of ammunition into the library at the seminary, religious Zionism's flagship institution. About 80…

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