Ordinary Israelis Can Read 2,100-Year-Old Hebrew Scroll


From Ordinary Israelis Can Read 2,100-Year-Old Hebrew Scroll: Some Israelis have described being moved almost to tears by a rare viewing of the Great Isaiah Scroll, the best preserved and most complete Dead Sea biblical scroll, on special exhibit this summer at the Shrine of the Book at the Israel Museum for the first time in 40 years. Ordinary people are able to read, and at least partly understand, the ancient Hebrew text on the 2,100-year-old scroll. “The Bible is first of all our connection to the land,” said Ruvik Rosenthal, a popular Israeli language guru.

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Holocaust museum opens at Belsen


Germany has inaugurated a museum at the site of the Nazi concentration camp where diarist Anne Frank died. The new museum at Bergen-Belsen, in the north of Germany, highlights the fates of those who died at the camp during World War II. Among the exhibits are the drawings and diaries of Jews imprisoned there, plus video statements by survivors. Some 100 survivors were at the ceremony at the camp, where an estimated 50,000 Jews were murdered during the Holocaust.

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Israeli Museum Launches Looted Holocaust Art Database


From Israeli Museum Launches Looted Holocaust Art Database: Israel’s national museum has launched an Internet catalog of more than 1,000 pieces of art looted by the Nazis to allow Holocaust survivors and their heirs to identify and reclaim property. The pieces include drawings, Judaica items and paintings – several of them worth millions of dollars – that were plundered by German troops, recovered by the Allies in postwar Europe and later transferred to Israel.

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Update: Museum of the History of Polish Jews


Activities in support of the Museum continue here in North America this summer. Last Wednesday evening, 60 young professionals attended a fundraising cocktail reception at Yeshiva University Museum at the Center for Jewish History, here in New York City. The event was hosted by the North American Council in partnership with Chris Walenczak who, along with several of his friends, brought the crowd together to learn about the Museum of the History of Polish Jews, to view the photographic exhibit “And I Still See Their Faces”, and to enjoy a glass of Polish vodka. Special thanks to Consul General Krzysztof

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Tales from the underground


From Tales from the underground: With the green lawns of the Charles Clore Park on three sides and the azure waters of the Mediterranean on the fourth, the stone and black glass Etzel Museum building on the Tel Aviv shoreline is certainly impressive. A blue cloudless sky and attractive layered Jaffa skyline in the near distance are additional factors making the museum building stand out – while at the same time somehow blending in with its surroundings. An enormous Israeli flag flaps high in the sea breeze above the museum, built over the ruins of a former Ottoman-period building. The

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Exhibit on Crypto-Jews Opens in Brazil


A vivid exhibition tracing the history andexperience of the Bnei Anousim (Jews who hid their identity for fear of persecution) over the past five centuries opened this week at the Jewish Museum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the first of four stops it will be making as it tours the vast South American country. The exhibition, entitled “Crypto-Jews: The Flame that the Inquisition Could Not Extinguish,” was designed and produced by Shavei Israel (http://www.shavei.org/), a Jerusalem-based group that reaches out and assists “lost Jews” seeking to return to the Jewish people.

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Hitler’s Forgotten Castle: Finishing School for Nazis to Become Museum


From Der Spiegel: A forgotten monument to Hitler’s ideology has emerged from a 70-year time warp — a castle built in the 1930s to train a new Nazi elite. Vacated by the Belgian army last year, it sheds light on the systematic brainwashing that churned out a generation of fanatics. Now it’s being spruced up to teach visitors about the perils of indoctrination. Deep in the Eifel region of western Germany, a stone-clad reminder of Hitler’s racist ideology towers above the surrounding wooded hills — the remains of a training college for aspiring Nazi leaders that was built in the

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