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Video: Houston Islamic Education Center Celebrates Iran’s Islamic Revolution

Via MEMRI: The Islamic Education Center of Houston, Texas, celebrated the 40th anniversary of Iran’s Islamic Revolution on Feb. 17, 2019.  A video uploaded by the center shows the audience chanting: “Allah Akbar! Khamenei is our Leader!” In addition, young boys wearing green headbands sang: “You are our Leader….We are your soldiers.” Click to view: Keep Reading

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Why Do Arab Nationalists Demand the Liberation of Palestine If They Gave Up on Other Occupied Regions?

We know why. Arabs are resentful that Jews are not going to apologize for surviving a 60+ year war that Arabs started, the same war that the detestable Arafat the Egyptian perpetrated when he created the PLO in 1964 – three years before there was an “occupation” in 1967. The 1967 war was a direct… Keep Reading

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The Iranian Roots of Hizbullah

The Iranian Roots of Hizbullah(1) By: Dr. Nimrod Raphaeli* Iran/Lebanon #448 June 17, 2008 Table of Contents: IntroductionAkhteri’s Background and Proselytizing ActivityFacing the First CrisisThe Splintering of Amal and the Creation of HizbullahSyria Allowed the Passage of Military Aid to HizbullahThe Establishment of Al-Manar TVHizbullah’s Social Institutions ñ Identical To Iran’sRefusal to Pay for ElectricityThe… Keep Reading

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Muslim Terrorists May Be Trying To Sink the Dollar

There is no doubt that the best recourse to exact revenge against Muslim terrorists and their supporters who are holding westerners – especially the US – hostage to their Muslim-infected OPEC policy which is to charge all westerners enormous sums of money for oil taken out of the earth by technology that WE TAUGHT THEM… Keep Reading

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