Hizbullah Report: Airman Ron Arad Died Trying to Escape During 1988 Israeli Raid

More heartache for the Arad family, may HaShem comfort them. The pathetic global observers of the drama, tragedy and catastrophe in the middle east only weep for thieving Arabs, yet the most grievous of victims are Israelis, for whom noone in the global community cries….


The Iranian Roots of Hizbullah

The Iranian Roots of Hizbullah(1) By: Dr. Nimrod Raphaeli* Iran/Lebanon #448 June 17, 2008 Table of Contents: IntroductionAkhteri’s Background and Proselytizing ActivityFacing the First CrisisThe Splintering of Amal and the Creation of HizbullahSyria Allowed the Passage of Military Aid to HizbullahThe Establishment of Al-Manar TVHizbullah’s…


Exclusive: Hizballah received 35 new Iranian speedboats shortly before current crisis

DEBKAfile’s military sources report that three weeks before Hezballah seized western Beirut, the Shiite terrorist group took delivery of 35 fast speedboats for use with explosives from Iran. The craft can threaten US Sixth Fleet and Israel Navy shipping close to Lebanese shores, reach Israel’s…