Jerusalem City Council to dedicate Pollard Square


This is your personal invitation. EVENT: Kikar Pariz to be renamed “Freedom for Jonathan Pollard“CONVENOR: The Jerusalem City Council (Led by Rep. Mina Fenton)FACILITATORS: The Committee to Bring Jonathan Pollard Home & J4JPWHERE: Kikar Pariz (Paris Square), Jerusalem (Opp. King’s Hotel)WHEN: Monday, January 7, 2008 B”HTIME: 2:30 PM On Monday, January 7, 2008 at 2:30 PM, the Jerusalem City Council, led by Representative Mina Fenton (NRP), has scheduled a renaming ceremony to take place at Kikar Pariz (Paris Square) in Jerusalem – a public square situated midway between the American Consulate and the Prime Minister’s Residence – to rename it

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Why is Johnathan Pollard Still in Prison?


If the Jewish people needed to be taught a lesson, these two decades of solitary confinement for Pollard have surely been sufficient to teach it. Rabbi Moshe Grylak -Point of View, Mishpacha Magazine – March 14, 2007[provided by JUSTICE FOR JONATHAN POLLARD] Two weeks ago, the news broke that two of the greatest leaders of Torah Jewry, Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv shlita, and Rav Aharon Leib Steinman, shlita , had written a letter to President George W. Bush, requesting the release of Jonathan Pollard, who has been rotting in prison for the past twenty-two years. The publicity surrounding the letter

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Call the White House to Free Johnathan Pollard


Received by email from—————————————————American Jewish organizations have organized a massive nationwide campaign to call the White House every afternoon for the next two months and request/demand freedom for Pollard. The campaign is to last, if it does not succeed in attaining its goal beforehand, until after Passover, the holiday of freedom. The campaign, spearheaded by the National Council of Young Israel, is predicated on the fact that the White House tallies all incoming calls, “and so every single phone call makes a difference.” A statement issued by Young Israel Executive Vice President Rabbi Pesach Lerner asks citizens concerned by

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Sadly, Pres. Bush shows no interest in releasing Pollard


From Zionist Organization of America: From The Jewish Tribune Canada: The former Director of the CIA under President Bill Clinton, R. James Woolsey, and former top US. Middle East negotiator, Dennis Ross, have each recently stated that convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard should be released after having already served twenty years in prison. Mr.Woolsey said, “Now that he has served 20 years of a prison sentence, my view is that a 20 year sentence, I think, is enough and I think the close relationship between United States and Israel as fellow democracies is also a consideration so, at this point,

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HaRav Shlomo Aviner: Jonathan Pollard and Israel’s Prognosis for the New Year 5767


Received by email, which does not diminish the fact that we are commanded to pray for the release of our brothers who are imprisoned.============= Please call 202-456-1111 and demand that President Bush free Jonathan Pollard, who will soon begin his 22nd year in prison for helping save thousands of Jewish lives! And, call Senator Frank Lautenberg, who is opposed to his release, at: 202-224-3224. Thank you. Jonathan Pollard and Israel’s Prognosis for the New Year 5767 By HaRav Shlomo Aviner – September 17, 2006 – May be reprinted* As the Jewish People prepare to usher in the New Year 5767

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US soldier Ryan Anderson guilty of passing information to Al-Qaeda


Folks, if Johnathan Pollard received a life sentence for aiding an ally, Ryan Anderson should get a life sentence for aiding THE enemy: A military court-martial convicted a US National Guard soldier who converted to Islam of trying to aid al-Qaeda. Specialist Ryan Anderson, 26, “was found guilty on all charges,” said Joe Hitt, spokesman for the Fort Lewis Army base south of Seattle, Washington. “Right now they are in the process of sentencing him.”Anderson, assigned to the Guard’s 81st Armored Brigade in the northwestern state, faces a possible life sentence in a military prison on five charges of seeking

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Just a thought..


If America was so pro-Israel, they would have released Jonathan Pollard long, long ago. He has received the harshest sentence in American history for a spy who handed vital classified information to an ally.

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