Troops fail to appreciate the Great Botched Joke Kerry


Folks, this is a very satisfying must-read. Hat tip: Moonbattery: It seems those who are too lazy and dumb not to get stuck in Iraq don’t even know enough to appreciate it when they are graced with the presence of the great John “Botched Joke” Kerry. Here’s B.J. eating lunch in a crowded mess hall in Iraq — crowded except for his own table, that is. Scott Hennen relays a first-hand report: This is a true story…..Check out this photo from our mess hall at the US Embassy yesterday morning. Sen. Kerry found himself all alone while he was over

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Oh dear God, please don’t let this happen again


I don’t know if there is anyone I loathe more than I loathe John Kerry. Now, this arrogant, smug, elite, married-for-money parasite is insisting that his “botched joke” about President Bush’s Iraq policy would not undermine a possible White House campaign in 2008. “Not in the least,” Kerry, said when asked if the furor over his comment had caused him to reconsider a 2008 race. “The parlor game of who’s up, who’s down, today or tomorrow, if I listened to that stuff, I would never have won the nomination.” I wish Kerry would not have listened when he was taught

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A good one


Here’s a joke for libs, anti-American, lefties and Demo-rats. (Let’s see if they’re smart enough to get it.) “What’s the difference between John Kerry and Saddam?” “John Kerry hangs himself.”

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Democrats prove once again what a brainless community they are


Folks, the election is hardly 24 hours old and already the Democrats have made a huge mistake, one of many that I predict they will make over the next 4 years. And trust me – each and every time they phuck up, and you know the Democrats will, the rest of us will be all over them like white on rice. It’s payback time. Meanwhile, here’s what Zuniga and Soros and Clinton and Michael Moore and TownCrier’s Demo-bots have done in Minnesota. They have elected Keith Ellison, a Muslim, to congress. “Oh, Smoooth, you can’t be so predjudiced like that.”

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Vote Republican Today


Folks, it’s very simple. If the Democrats win, the real John Kerry would be unmasked and free to play a pivotal role in supporting the United Nation’s gun-banning agenda. George Soros, Michael Moore and the radical left would realize their lifelong ambition – to disarm the citizens of the United States. Before casting your vote, you must consider the ramifications of losing the right of self-defense, during wartime, with several-hundred thousand enemy sympathizers living within our borders. Our nation should not forget that it is Kerry’s portrait that adorns the wall of the communist “War Crimes” museum in Saigon. So,

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Why, despite everything, Jewish-Americans keep voting for Democrats


Folks, this Election Day, November 7, 2006, vote Republican, not Democrat. Here’s why, in an article from Joel Engel dated 2004: For nearly 60 years, since the birth of Israel, American Jews have faced accusations that they care more about the well-being of their ancient homeland than of their home. Well, barring some unforeseen circumstance, the canard of dual loyalty should be retired forever on November 2, 2004. On that Tuesday, Election Day, up to 80 percent of American Jews will pull the lever for John Kerry, thereby proving that they not only do not care about Israel’s well-being, but

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Exceptional Americans who make us regular Americans feel proud


(Except for Cindy Sheehan, who makes us feel sick.) In a history-making trip, the parents of fallen U.S. troops have secretly traveled to Iraq to rebut anti-war critics of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The unprecedented trip comes on the heels of the New York Times report that Saddam Hussein had a nuclear weapons development program, and will feature rebuttal to Senator John Kerry from these Gold Star Families. Cindy Sheehan went to a ditch outside Bush’s ranch in Crawford. These Gold Star Families – amazing patriots – have gone to Iraq. Full details at: sure to listen to the audio

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Routine betrayal of our country’s secrets: the new CIA report


Via David Horowitz’s blog: According to a front page story in Sunday’s Times, dozens of intelligence officials talked out of school to a New York Times reporter about national secrets with the obvious (though unreported) intention of undermining the Bush Administration’s foreign policy on Iraq. According to them an intelligence report is claiming that Bush’s policies are increasing terrorism rather than defeating it. Of course, we don’t even know what the intelligence report claims because it’s still classified. All we know is what these rogue elements are claiming — and it is their claims that are reported as “news” in

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