A good one

Here’s a joke for libs, anti-American, lefties and Demo-rats. (Let’s see if they’re smart enough to get it.) “What’s the difference between John Kerry and Saddam?” “John Kerry hangs himself.”

Vote Republican Today

Folks, it’s very simple. If the Democrats win, the real John Kerry would be unmasked and free to play a pivotal role in supporting the United Nation’s gun-banning agenda. George Soros, Michael Moore and the radical left would realize their lifelong ambition – to disarm…

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Why, despite everything, Jewish-Americans keep voting for Democrats

Folks, this Election Day, November 7, 2006, vote Republican, not Democrat. Here’s why, in an article from Joel Engel dated 2004: For nearly 60 years, since the birth of Israel, American Jews have faced accusations that they care more about the well-being of their ancient…

Routine betrayal of our country’s secrets: the new CIA report

Via David Horowitz’s blog: According to a front page story in Sunday’s Times, dozens of intelligence officials talked out of school to a New York Times reporter about national secrets with the obvious (though unreported) intention of undermining the Bush Administration’s foreign policy on Iraq….