If They Fire on Us, We Have to Fight Back Without Hesitation


Fighting words from one of Israel’s worst advocates, Shimon Peres, who was one of the early architects of the plan to evacuate Yeshua and the Golan Heights through the Oslo Plan. From If They Fire on Us, We Have to Fight Back Without Hesitation: “Three things must be done in view of the situation in Sderot and Gaza. The first, there must be complete solidarity among the society in Israel. All the people must be united with and must strengthen the citizens of Sderot – not only Tel Aviv but all the cities in Israel must identify with Sderot. When

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Arabs and erev rav Israelis plan to march against Israel on Yom HaAtzmaut


From INN: On the day most Israelis will be celebrating the 59th Yom Ha’atzmaut, Independence Day, some Arab and left-wing Jewish citizens will march against the foundation of the state. The Association for the Defense of the Rights of the Internally Displaced (ADRID) is planning to hold its tenth annual Procession of Return. The march, which last year drew hundreds of participants, is set to take place Tuesday, April 24, in the village of Al-Lajjun, adjacent to the northern Arab-Israeli city of Umm Al-Fahm. ADRID was established with the goal of returning Arabs to the houses and villages they or

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Proposal Would Launch State Talks with Poland over Jewish Property


Before the Holocaust there were three and a half million Jews living in Poland, and there was a loss of property estimated to be worth 30 to 40 billion dollars. Unlike Germany, Austria, and France which have arranged for the restoration of stolen Jewish property to their heirs, Poland has not done this. Minister Rafi Eitan wants to involve the Israeli government in negotiating with Poland and other Eastern Europe countries for restitution of Jewish property. The Foreign Ministry does not want the government to be involved, fearing it might cause difficulties with relations between Israel and these countries. Eitan

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