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New Waqf Council Managing the Temple Mount

Original Post from JCPA: The latest confrontation over the Mercy Gate (Golden Gate, or in Hebrew, Shaar HaRachamim), which has been disputed in the past, reflects a new pact between the opponents of Trump’s “Deal of the Century” consisting of the Palestinian Authority, Turkey, and Jordan, which is concerned about its future status on the […]

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Jerusalem Dig Turns Up Gold Coins from Second Temple Period

From Jerusalem Dig Turns Up Gold Coins from Second Temple Period: Last month, archeologists from Tel Aviv University digging at Kibbutz Ramat Rachel near Jerusalem found a hoard of coins dating from the time of the destruction of the Second Temple (70 CE). A ceramic cooking pot from the 1st century CE containing 15 large […]

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Jerusalem Day on Al-Jazeera TV

Another great Jewish hero, Dr. Mordechai Keidar. Via Jerusalem Day on Al-Jazeera TV: On Jerusalem Day last week, following reports of Israel’s intentions to construct housing in areas of Jerusalem located beyond the 1967 borders, Al-Jazeera interviewed Dr. Mordechai Keidar, a lecturer from Bar-Ilan University’s Department of Arabic Studies. Al-Jazeera’s top journalist Jamal Rayyan opened […]

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The Muslim View of a Kingdom: Racism, Tyranny, Apartheid and Genocide

In spite of the truth that Jerusalem belongs to the Jews and is the capital of Israel, the chief of staff for Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, Rafiq Al Husseini, lied today and threatened that Jerusalem and the Temple Mount belong to the Muslims and any Israeli action that “offends” the Mount will be answered […]


Israel’s Historic Achievement

From Israel’s Historic Achievement: To think of Israel as 60 years old may be wrong when its enemies seek to portray it as an alien usurper. In fact, the Jews have lived in the Land of Israel for over 3,300 years, since 1312 BCE. They had lived there at least 1,800 years before the Arab […]