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Israel at war

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Israel Can Shoot Down Dozens of Missiles Simultaneously

On Tuesday, while Mahmoud “monkey man” Ahmadinejad arrogantly bragged about a new weapon his theocratic dictatorship supposedly tested for use at sea which can “easily” close a major oil passageway, the Israel Air Force simultaneously unveiled Sniper, a system developed by three Israeli companies that identifies a target, whether missile or plane, while it is… Keep Reading

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Deals with devils

Israel has undertaken an incredibly wrongheaded prisoner exchange with the terrorist group Hezbollah. It’s just the latest move in a troubling trend of unequal deals between the Jewish state and its declared enemies. Read the article by Steve Emerson. Keep Reading

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Accountability of the Israeli Government

Following the confirmation that Hamas media praised the terror attack in Jerusalem, excerpted from Accountability Of The Israeli Government: Yesterday afternoon, The Bulletin contacted the office of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert about the Israeli government’s response to the Hamas: The Bulletin forwarded a statement to the Israeli court from two weeks ago in which… Keep Reading

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Jerusalem Chareidim Say “No” to Arab Cab Drivers

This is an excellent move. The US should do the same; in return for Arabs extorting Americans with exorbitent oil prices, Americans should in turn charge a tremendous price for our exports of wheat, oat and grains that we pump into Muslim countries. Let them starve. From YeshivaWorld: Yerushalayim’ s chareidi community has stepped up… Keep Reading

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