Jihad’s Target: Women


This article is eye-opening. An excerpt via Frontpage: The Islamist “Doctor’s Plot” in the UK was fiendish, but one particularly horrific aspect of it has received insufficient attention: it was specifically aimed at women. Buried deep in the New York Times article on the subject was this fact: The Tiger Tiger nightclub in London was targeted in part because last Thursday was “ladies night.” (Christopher Hitchens, writing in Slate, is among the few so far who focused on this fact.) Nor is it the first time that Islamists have directly targeted women. British security expert Sajjan M. Gohel remembers a

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Al-Arian’s Wife and Her Troubling Connections


In the middle of this month, a trial is scheduled to begin, linking a number of groups and individuals to the financing of terrorism abroad. At the same time, a woman, also related to overseas terror financing, is planning on leaving the country for Egypt. Whether that’s coincidence or not should be determined by law enforcement. However, this woman’s involvement in a terror front is undeniable. This article lays the groundwork for why Sami Al-Arian’s wife, Nahla Al-Arian, should be held back from going anywhere. Via FrontPage.

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