What are the causes of Muslim Israelophobia?


Muslims believe that destroying the Jewish Holy Temple Mount promotes and expedites the Islamic goal to ethnically cleanse Jews from the Middle East. By invalidating claims to the historic Jewish presence of the Holy Jewish Temple Mount and by destroying any trace or any artifacts of the Jewish Holy Temple Mount, Muslims can declare supremacy over Judaism. We hear that desire all the time. We consistently hear Muslims invoke, demand, command, preach and pray that Israel “should not exist”, “will not exist”, “never existed”, “does not exist”, “can’t exist”. Let’s say Israel doesn’t exist in an imaginary scenario. Israel is

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Arabs Desecrate Grave of Biblical Joshua


Just when you thought that Muslims couldn’t stoop any lower, what do they do? They go and desecrate the graves of the great Jewish Biblical Joshua, Caleb and Nun (Joshua’s father). Joshua served as the Jewish Nation’s Prime Minister from the year 2488 until 2516 on the Hebrew calendar (1272 BCE – 1300 BCE). Members of the One Shechem organization that organizes visits to the graves arrived in the village of Timnat (Kifl) Haress, near Ariel in Samaria, to prepare for a special prayer gathering, discovered that Muslim barbarians had desecrated the village’s Jewish tombs. The tombs of Yehoshua (Joshua)

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Today in Jewish History – Tevet 2


Sponsored by Aish.com: On this date in 1947, the Arab Legion surrounded Jerusalem and isolated its 100,000 Jews from the rest of the Israeli population. By March 1948 the city was under full siege, and in May, Jordan invaded and occupied east Jerusalem, dividing the city for the first time in its history, and driving thousands of Jews into exile. The Arabs proceeded to destroy all 58 synagogues in the Jewish Quarter, and used Jewish gravestones on the Mount of Olives to build roads and latrines. The Western Wall would be off-limits to Jews (in spite of the cease-fire agreement

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Muslims Declare Jewish Temples Never Existed In Jerusalem


By The Editors of OneJerusalem.org: On the day that archaeologists announced discovering on the Temple Mount fragments of table vessels and animal bones dating back to Solomon’s Temple in the eight century B.C.E. — the former Mufti of Jerusalem and Fatah’s adviser on Jerusalem declared “There was never a Jewish Temple on al-Aqsa (The Temple Mount) and there is no proof that there ever was a temple. Because Allah is fair, he would not agree to make al-Aqsa if there were a temple there for others before hand.” He went on to comment on the Western or Wailing Wall. He

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Biblical Destruction by the Muslim Waqf


From Biblical Destruction: That the Waqf, the Muslim religious trust that serves as custodian of the Temple Mount, should wish to install new electric and telephone lines is understandable – provided that the necessary trench is first dug as a professional archaeological excavation. That is the required procedure everywhere in Israel before work can be undertaken at sites with archaeological significance. At the Temple Mount, even more care is required. This is the holiest site in the world to Jews: Solomon’s Temple and the Second Temple built by Herod once stood on this site. Significant remains – pottery, parts of

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Muslim Mythology: Fabricating an Emotion for Jerusalem


A lesson in Muslim mythology, from Fabricating an Emotion for Jerusalem: The Koran relates that Muhammad in a single night was transported to heaven by Burak, a horse with wings, a woman’s face, and a peacock’s tail. He was first taken to what the Koran called the “uttermost mosque” – il masjad al aksa. Jerusalem is not mentioned in the story, and there was no mosque in Jerusalem at the time. After Muhammad’s death, the tradition – which did not pass unchallenged by an opposing school of thought – laid it down that the “uttermost mosque” meant the Temple Mount

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