Today in Jewish History – Iyar 22


Sponsored by In 1944, the Nazis began deporting Hungarian Jews to the concentration camps. This would be one of the final tragedies of the Holocaust, as 400,000 Hungarian Jews were taken to the gas chambers in a matter of weeks. Additionally, tens of thousands of Jews died on death marches from Budapest to Austria, and others were shot and thrown into the Danube River. During this time, Raoul Wallenberg, a Swedish diplomat stationed in Budapest, issued thousands of Swedish identity documents to protect Jews from deportation; he is credited with saving tens of thousands of lives.

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Anti-Semitism in Hungary on the rise, says PM


From Anti-Semitism was on the rise in his country, Hungary’s prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsany has told the London newspaper “The Times”. In the interview, Gyurcsany also said radical nationalism could grip Eastern Europe as the region resisted much needed reforms. Asked whether there had been a revival of anti-Semitism since the demonstrations against his government last fall, the Hungarian leader said: “I have to say there have never been so many anti-Semitic remarks as now.” His wife Klara Dobrev, a law lecturer at Budapest University, was handed a leaflet last week “the likes of which we have never seen

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