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Al-Dura Trial: Karsenty Wins in Paris

The truth emerges about Palestinianism, Palestiniasts, Pallywood and the al-Dura hoax. Via HonestReporting. com: The iconic images of Mohammad al-Dura’s alleged death in Gaza inflamed Palestinian sentiment and provoked terrible bloodshed. Despite the evidence that Israel was not responsible for firing the bullets that hit al-Dura, and doubts as to the credibility of the footage […]


Arab Hoaxes

The latest issue of Think-Israel has the following articles on Arab Hoaxes to add to your resource library: Independent Expert: Idf Bullets Didn’t Kill Mohammed Al-Dura by Adi SchwartzThe Blackout – A Hamas-Aljazeera Co-Production/Staged Gaza Blackout Pictures by Martin SolomonLights [Off]. Camera. Action by Amir MizrochArab Belligerence, Israeli Self-Abasement by Kenneth LevinIsrael’s Selves And Her […]

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French Ballistics Expert in al-Dura Libel Case: Gaza Child Wasn’t Killed by Israeli Gunfire

What we already knew. More compelling evidence on the Mohammed al-Dura hoax. From French Ballistics Expert in al-Dura Libel Case: Gaza Child Wasn’t Killed by Israeli Gunfire: A report presented to a French court last week by independent ballistics expert Jean-Claude Schlinger maintains that the death of Mohammed al-Dura, a Palestinian child shot in Gaza […]

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Celebrating a kleptocracy

Fatah is planning to mark its 43rd anniversary this year with a new poster that presents all of Israel as palestine. Designed specifically for the occasion by Abdel Mun’em Ibrahim, the poster features a map of Israel that is entirely draped with a Palestinian keffiyeh scarf. However, if anyone knew the fraud and hoax of […]

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Video: Virgins of Paradise Music Video Returns to PA TV

It was proven that the Mohamad al-Dura tape was a hoax, so the Muslim barbarians have to come up with a new angle. Hence, the brainwashing begins anew. From Virgins of Paradise Music Video Returns to PA TV: A music video depicting a martyr for Allah being greeted in Paradise by the Dark Eyed Maidens […]