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Hamas Jew-Hater Shows the World what Islam is All About

Hamas sociopathic dysfuncts released a videotape Saturday purportedly showing a bombmaker believed to top Israel’s most-wanted list celebrating the Gaza Strip pullout as a victory for armed resistance. Senior Hamas commander Mohammed Deif, who masterminded the deaths of dozens of Israelis in homicidal sociopathic bombings, urged the destruction of the Jewish state. It was the… Keep Reading

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The History of Hamas

Here are the main events in the history of the genocidal Hamas movement, whose “spiritual” leader and founder, Sheik Ahmed Yassin, was killed in an Israeli airstrike: December 1987: First palestinian uprising against Israeli occupation erupts, and Yassin founds Hamas as an Islamic resistance movement against Israel. 1988: Hamas publishes manifesto calling for “holy war”… Keep Reading

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