What is Muslim land?

The virus calling itself Osama bin Laden emerged once again to vow in a new audiotape Saturday, that he and his followers will expand the Muslim holy war to Israel, threatening "blood for blood, destruction for destruction." The muslim went on to say "We intend to liberate Palestine, the whole of Palestine from the (Jordan) river to the sea," he…

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Islamist Terrorist Network In America

We already know that there is an Islamist Terrorist Network in America. Steve Emerson and other independent investigators have performed a great service by documenting the jihadist's pernicious existence in American neighborhoods. Now we learn that two Muslim members of a prison gang in California pleaded guilty Friday to charges of planning to run an “American intifada,” targeting synagogues, U.S.…

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One map explains it all – a bisected shrunken Israel surrounded by a PA-Hamas Muslim terror state

Thank you, Condi Rice, George Bush Jr and Sr, the European Union (which never cared about dead Jews, no less living Jews) and the rest of the global Jew-hating community. May your joys be plundered, may your souls be damned, and may your hearts never know forgiveness. Received by email:The proposed second Palestinian state is to have “territorial continuity” linking…

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