Israeli Expertise in Ritual Helps Africa Combat AIDS


From Israeli Expertise in Ritual Helps Africa Combat AIDS: Inon Schenker, an AIDS prevention specialist, is director of Operation Abraham, a project launched last year that dispatched Israeli surgeons to teach circumcision in Africa. Studies conducted between 2004 and 2006 in South Africa, Uganda and Kenya found that the risk of contracting AIDS in heterosexual sex is 50-60% less among men who are circumcised. Because it is obligatory under Jewish law, male circumcision is nearly universal in Israel. With the support of the Hadassah Medical Organization, the Jerusalem AIDS Project sent three delegations of surgeons to teach adult circumcision in

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Egyptian Parliament Okays Female Genital Mutilation


“Conservatives in the Egyptian parliament have made female genital mutilation (circumcision) legal again in Egypt.” Conservatives? What unevolved retarded neanderthal uses the term “conservative” to describe these barbarians? Conservative? These are misogynist sadists. What a cruel misrepresentation to describe the barbaric act of slicing off the clitoris of a child as “conservative”. That one would use such terminology to describe such a cruel painful hateful anti-female primitive act is like calling Hitler “ethnically challenged”. Leave it to the left to soften the west in order to dilute the horrors inherent in Islam’s sharia law. From INN: Conservatives in the Egyptian

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Photos of Muslim female genital mutilation


Click here to view photos of Muslim female genital mutilation, a barbaric act found only in Islam. These photos were taken in April 2006 at an annual “ceremony”, sponsored by the Assalaam Foundation, an Islamic educational and social-services organization in Indonesia, where female circumcisions take place in a prayer center or an emptied-out elementary-school classroom where desks are pushed together and covered with sheets and a pillow to serve as makeshift beds. According to the NY Times, the annual mass circumcision is free and open to the public and held during the lunar month marking the birth of Mohammed. The

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Female Genital Mutilation (FGM): Death of 12-Year-Old Circumcised Girl Shocks Egypt, Prompts Ban on Rite


More heinous crimes against women, from the religion of the unevolved. From Fox News: The death of a 12-year-old Egyptian girl at the hands of a doctor performing female circumcision in the country’s south has sparked a public outcry and prompted health and religious authorities this week to ban the practice. The girl, Badour Shaker, died earlier in June while being circumcised in an illegal clinic in the southern town of Maghagh. Her mother, Zeniab Abdel Ghani, told the Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper that she had paid $9 dollars to a female physician to perform the procedure.The mother also told the

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Al-Azhar University Scholars Argue over the Legitimacy of Female Circumcision Practiced in Egypt on Al-Arabiya TV


That both are described as “scholars”, while one of them clearly could not be, is absolutely absurd. From MEMRI: The following are excerpts from a TV debate between Egyptian Al-Azhar University scholars Sheikh Muhammad Al-Mussayar [1] and Sheikh Mahmoud Ashur, who is a member of Al-Azhar’s Islamic Research Academy (or Islamic Research Council) on the issue of female circumcision. The debate aired on Al-Arabiya TV on February 12, 2007. TO VIEW THIS CLIP: Mahmoud Ashur: “Female circumcision is a traditional custom, and not a religious act. All the hadiths dealing with female circumcision are unreliable. Moreover, the hadith cited

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Islam and Female Genital Mutilation


What happened to this little Muslim girl? Warning: Graphic description of barbaric ritual. Do not read any further if you are easily offended. From Der Spiegel: Fatima’s scream is as blood-curdling as it is heart-wrenching. The little girl, who looks to be about eight years old, screams in a panic, initially in fear and then because she is unable to bear the pain she is experiencing. She is lying on the floor of a dirty hut somewhere in the Ethiopian desert. Her body is contorted with pain as she screams, cries and finally lies there whimpering. Her new, green floral

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Arab Muslim leaders lick each other’s egos


Folks, check out AP’s specific lexicon used to script the following reprinted story. See if you can find the following words: “Supreme” (used 2 times, and very typical of Arabist hubris), “militant” (versus using the word “terrorist”) , and “clashes” (versus using the word “war”). Yikes, how far the Arabist loving media will go and the billions invested in the pretense that Islam has something more to offer us than just terrorism, rioting, the death of free speech and artistic expression, homophobia, Jew-hatred, female genital mutilation, limb amputation, gang rape, stoning to death for victims of gang rape, hanging underage

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Spotlight on Sudan


Sudan’s government is a radical regime that terrorizes its own population with brutal slave raids. Amidst civil war and inter-ethnic strife, the Sudanese government has launched a great revival of the country’s once virtually-extinct institution of black chattel slavery. The victims: women and children abducted by Muslim militiamen during devastating raids. Sudan means “land of the blacks” in Arabic, and for centuries black Africans were abducted in Sudan as part of the Arabian slave trade. Sudan’s borders — drawn by the British during colonial times- encompass Muslim Arabs in the north and, in the south, black Africans of various faiths.

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