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Did King Solomon’s Navy Discover America?

A very interesting read, via Tamar Yonah’s blog: Mystery Mountain, Los Lunas, New Mexico. That’s where a fascinating find was discovered with the Hebrew inscription of the Ten Commandments. What is amazing about this find, is that the ten commandments were written in a Hebrew script that is so ancient, it was last used around… Keep Reading

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Excavation in Jerusalem Unearths Ancient Mansion

From MFA: Archive here: http://www.mfa.gov.il/MFA/History/Early History – Archaeology/Archaeological Sites in Israel – Jerusalem- Burial The Tomb of Queen Helene of Adiabene, the largest tomb in Jerusalem, is located north of the Old City. It has a long, wide staircase leading down to a large courtyard (27 x 26 m.), all cut into the rock below… Keep Reading

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Muslims Declare Jewish Temples Never Existed In Jerusalem

By The Editors of OneJerusalem.org: On the day that archaeologists announced discovering on the Temple Mount fragments of table vessels and animal bones dating back to Solomon’s Temple in the eight century B.C.E. — the former Mufti of Jerusalem and Fatah’s adviser on Jerusalem declared “There was never a Jewish Temple on al-Aqsa (The Temple… Keep Reading

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Archaeologist uncovers Scriptures’ famed wall

HaShem once again proves Islam is a sham and His Word true and undeniable. Excerpted from WND: Dr. Eilat Mazar, one of Israel’s top archaeologists, ended her presentation Wednesday to the 13th Annual Conference of the Ingeborg Rennert Center for Jerusalem Studies on “New Studies on Jerusalem,” with a surprise announcement. She had discovered remnants… Keep Reading

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