New Zealand Anti-Semitism


This is an amazing demonstration of filthy advertising. New Zealand will also be judged amongst the nations for lowering its ethical standards and following in the anti-Semetic footsteps of its European invaders, thanks to the detestable agency, Draft FCB. From Israel “Dismayed” by New Zealand Anti-Semitism: The Israeli embassy has accused New Zealand of accepting anti-Semitic behavior, following an advertising campaign that featured billboards, created by advertising agency Draft FCB, that said: “Advertising Agency Seeks: Clients. All business considered, even from Jews.” The campaign was withdrawn hours after New Zealand Jewish Council chairman Geoff Levy complained. To voice your complaints,

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Jewish prayer book used as toilet paper


Haifa’s police reconnaissance unit entered an apartment in their city on Saturday night only to find pages torn from a Jewish prayer book being used as toilet paper. Six suspects between the ages of 18-20 were brought before the Haifa Magistrate’s Court on Sunday morning as police requested their arrest be extended for questioning. Investigators have yet to rule out the possibility that the suspects are connected to a neo-Nazi organization. A metal swastika, spikes, drugs and computers were all confiscated by the police, though the computer can only be searched after the court issues a search warrant. Unlike the

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Former Indonesian President Describes Lynching of Jews in Iraq


From Former Indonesian President Describes Lynching of Jews in Iraq via DailyAlert: Abdurrahman Wahid, 67, the former Indonesian president and a leading Muslim scholar, revealed the root of his understanding of the risks and perils of Jewish existence. Wahid was a student at Baghdad University in 1966, earning his keep as a secretary at a textile importer, when he befriended the firm’s elderly accountant, an Iraqi Jew he remembers only by his family name, Ramin. In 1968, the Iraqi government effectively had come under the control of Saddam Hussein, who at that time was deputy to the president, Ahmad Hassan

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Anti-Semitism among Palestinian Authority Academics


From Anti-Semitism among Palestinian Authority Academics: PA efforts to delegitimize Israel are evident throughout Palestinian society and involve television, schoolbooks, and culture, incorporating hate messages and the denial of Israel’s right to exist. Academics including professors, religious scholars, teachers, and schoolbook authors are all participating. Palestinian academics, recognizing the futility of attempting to erase the documented history of the Jews, literally stole the identity of the Jews by identifying ancient Hebrews as both Arabs and Muslims and denying their connection to today’s Jews in Israel. Many PA academics teach that the killing of Jews by Muslims is a precondition of

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Anti-Semitic Hate Speech in the Name of Islam


From Anti-Semitic Hate Speech in the Name of Islam: Farfur, the cartoon character on Hamas’ children’s television program, is a carbon copy of Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse. But the Hamas version does something that Mickey would never do: He entertains children while propagating the murder of Jews. Farfur’s appearances are typical of Hamas’ anti-Semitic propaganda, which the organization also exports to Germany via satellite, hoping to breed new generations of fanatical anti-Semites and suicide bombers. According to a 2007 study by the German Interior Ministry on the worldviews of “Muslims in Germany,” “anti-Semitic attitudes were found among young Muslims far

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Legacy of Islamic Anti-Semitism


Deconstructing the mythology of Islam’s historical love for the Jews. From Legacy of Islamic Anti-Semitism: The Legacy of Islamic Anti-Semitism by Andrew Bostom refutes the claim that Islam, unlike Christianity, had not entertained a systematic persecution of the Jews, with a well-tailored survey of the theological, historical and juridical origins of Islamic anti-Semitism. A trove of anti-Jewish stereotypes that have become the Sharia-based uncontested “truth” about the People of the Book are invariably cited in sermons during Friday prayers, thus assuring their universal diffusion among Muslim constituents and the constant poisoning of the souls of young and adult Muslims alike,

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Google’s latest anti-Jewish outrage


Excerpted from WND: Is there an anti-Semitic programming troublemaker at Google? Is some nitwit just making ghastly and inappropriate decisions about search suggestions? Or is the whole multi-gazillion- dollar business running on auto-pilot? Those were some of the questions going through the minds of the search giant’s users today as they discovered a query for “Yiddish” images suggested “Also try zyklon b” – the insidious gas used to kill Jews in Nazi death camps. Spokesmen for Google were not available in response to calls and e-mails from WND. But the latest outrage from Google has some Internet users wondering what’s

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Commonalities between Anti-Semitic and Anti-Zionist Discourse


From Commonalities between Anti-Semitic and Anti-Zionist Discourse: Anti-Zionism is not in principle anti-Semitism, but it is time for thoughtful minds to be disturbed by how much anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism share, how much the dominant species of anti-Zionism encourages anti-Semitism. And so: If you judge a Jewish state by standards that you apply to no one else; if your neck veins bulge when you denounce Zionists but you’ve done no more than cluck “well, yes, very bad about Darfur”; if there is nothing Hamas can do that you won’t blame ‘in the final analysis’ on Israelis; then you should not be

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