Congratulations to the 600 new olim from France


From Jacob Richman, received by email: Congratulations to the 600 new olim who made aliyah to Israel today from France. I posted on my website articles and pictures of this exciting, historic event. The address is: If you do not see July 25, 2007 on the top of the page, hold down the control key on your keyboard and press the F5 key. This should refresh your browser with the newest page. May the aliyah from France (and the rest of the world) grow and bring more Jews back to their homeland, Eretz Yisrael.

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Passover Reflections 2007


[Received by email] PASSSOVER REFLECTIONS 2007 by Yoram Ettinger(Based on writings by Jewish sages) 1. PHARAOH fathered the first attempt of “The Final Solution” – extermination of Jews – succeeded by Haman of Iran, Hitler and currently by Ahminajad. 2. MEMORY/ROOTS, EDUCATION, FAITH, DEFIANCE OF ODDS and LIBERTY are the intertwined fundamentals of Passover. The first three constitute prerequisites for the latter. The Hebrew word for “memory” is ZIKARON, which is composed of two Hebrew words:ZAKH (pure) and RON (hymn). The Hebrew word for “education” is KHINOUKH, whose root is “to inaugurate.” The Hebrew word for “faith” is EMUNAH, whose

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Interactive: The “Support Israel” Flag


The “Support Israel” Flag is a special way to show your support to Israel during this difficult time. The flag is constructed of logos of the many organizations that support Israel through Hasbara, Donations, Aliya, Education etc. By clicking on the organizations’ logos you can take a look at the websites, learn about their activities and choose your preferred ways to help Israel. Click here to Support Israel.

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Aliya from former Soviet Union Declines


Preliminary figures for 2004 show aliya from the former Soviet Union at 10,000. By comparison, immigration to Germany of Jews and their eligible relatives from the former Soviet Union has risen to 20,000. Germany offers absorption packages to eligible immigrants that are considerably more lucrative than those provided by Israel, and the German Jewish community is the fastest growing in the world, officials say. Aliya from former Soviet Union Declines

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Retrospect: The year in review


Compiled by The Jerusalem Post Staff Tishrei October 5, 2003 A female suicide bomber kills 21 at the Maxim restaurant in Haifa. October 10, 2003 Cafe’ Hillel on Rehov Emek Refaim in Jerusalem reopens one month after being destroyed by a suicide bombing, in which seven patrons and workers had been killed and over 50 wounded. October 16, 2003 Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad tells leaders of the 57-nation Organization of the Islamic Conference that “Jews rule the world by proxy” in an anti-Semitic tirade. October 16, 2003 Three American guards are killed in a terrorist bombing of a US

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Bios of Thursday’s victims of the ongoing “Palestinian” genocide against the Jewish people


May the memory of those that were killed be blessed. May the wounded have a full and speedy recovery. The death toll from the murderous attack on Jews by “Palestinians” rose to 11 this weekend following a forensic reexamination of body parts. The 11th victim of the attack was identified as Manbara Valdi Tzadik, a 35-year-old foreign worker from Ethiopia who was apparently in Israel illegally. Her severely charred remains were positively identified over the weekend ============ Chezki Goldberg, 42, social worker, guidance counselor, and columnist for the JEWISH PRESS, father of 7 children, aged 16=1, was murdered today on

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