The Syrians lie again

What bullshit. The lying Syrians claim that Golan never belonged to Israel. Guess what. There is no negotiation over the withdrawal of the Golan Heights in UN Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338. Syria already turned down Israel’s offer to return all the Golan Heights in exchange for peace. The warring Arabs lost the Golan Heights because they attacked Israel. Arabs chose war. Arabs must face the consequences of their aggressive barbaric 7th century warring nature.

The intended destruction of Israel has been frenetic since 1947 and is still going on, 60+ years later. The results of each defeated act of Muslim aggression perpetuate excuses for more Arab aggression against Israel. A Muslim Syrian barbarian organization, the Committees for the Liberation of the Golan Heights, says it is holding missing Israeli soldier, Guy Hever, missing since August 1997. Ten years, folks. The Muslim vermin have been holding onto Guy Hever for ten years. We really don’t know if he is alive or if he is dead. In late 1966, a youth was blown to pieces by a mine while playing football near the Lebanon border. In hundreds of incidences, attacks on Jews were carried out by the dead puke Arafat’s Fatah, which Syria allowed to operate from its territory.

Most importantly, the Golan is Israeli. Why does no one in the White House know this? Via INN:

The Syrian and Lebanese delegates to the Annapolis conference Tuesday were provided a forum in which to express their countries’ views, but were not accorded the privilege of delivering a speech to the conference plenum.

Speaking at a workshop entitled “Towards a Comprehensive Middle East Peace,” Syrian Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Faisal al-Mekdad insisted that Israel must hand over the Golan Heights and totally withdraw from the “1967 Arab land.” Only then, he declared, would Damascus consider “normalizing” ties with the Jewish State. He then said Syria “is sincere in seeking a comprehensive and just peace and possesses the political will to achieve it.”

Israeli officials said the Syrian delegate also demanded that Israel withdraw from the Har Dov (Sheba’a Farms) area as well.

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