Syria, Terror and Saddam’s half-brother

Folks, Syria knows, that at its core, it is an evil terror-state. Ignoring complaints and warnings from most of the rest of the world, Syria continues to sponsor terrorism, pursue weapons of mass destruction and allow foreign fighters and terrorists to seep into Iraq. Damascus provides safe haven to such international killers as Hezbollah, Hamas and Palestine Islamic Jihad, which it considers legitimate resistance groups. This behavior must meet serious consequences, and soon. Syria is also partially responsible for the terror attack that killed five innocent Israeli Jews and maimed 30 others last Friday night (although the actual culprit is simply Arab hatred for Jews and specifically “palestinian” hatred for Jews that is truly responsible for the terror attacks).

Syria knows that eyes are focusing on it, and as a result, decided to play nice-nice because Iraqi officials said Sunday that Syria captured and handed over Saddam Hussein’s half brother, Sabawi Ibrahim al-Hassan, a most-wanted leader in the Sunni-based insurgency, ending months of Syrian denials that it was harboring fugitives from the ousted Saddam regime. Some 29 other fugitive Baath Party members were handed over to Iraqi authorities as well. Al-Hassan was No. 36 on the list of 55 most-wanted Iraqis complied by U.S. authorities; 11 from the deck remain at large. The U.S. had offered $1 million for his capture. Under Saddam, al-Hassan led the dreaded General Security Directorate, responsible for internal security and cracking down on political factions that opposed the Iraqi leader. Al-Hassan was accused of the widespread torture of political opponents.

Iraq Says Syria Handed Over Saddam Kin

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