Surviving 9/11: Stairway from Hell

All that remains of the World Trade Center is a flight of battered steps, rising into an empty sky. On September 11, hundreds fled down these stairs from the flames and falling debris. Now some survivors are fighting to preserve this monument to their dramatic escape.

Save the Stairway Campaign –

The World Trade Center Survivors’ Network has been working with various organizations and agencies to save the Vesey Street staircase, the only above-ground remnant of the World Trade Center.

Read the National Trust’s Press Release and major news coverage, including an interview with WTCSN members. (May 10, 2006)

Photos of the Stairway – near the intersection of Vesey and Greenwich Streets.

• WTC Survivors Call for Preservation of “Survivors’ Stairway” and Release Position Statement on WTC Memorial and Site Redevelopment, November 28, 2005 Press Release Position Statement

• World Trade Center Survivors’ Network interviewed for NY Times article about the “Survivors Stairway”. See Newsroom.

Save the Survivors Stairway Campaign (pdf) – What WTCSN is doing.

Letter to Governor Pataki – written by the Civic Alliance and New York New Visions

Simply Preserve The Survivors’ Staircase – by the Wall Street Poet

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