Support listing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

Jerusalem is the de facto capital of Israel and home of the Knesset, Israel’s governing body:

* Jerusalem always had a Jewish presence.

* All Israeli governments have declared that Jerusalem is the eternal and indivisible capital of Israel.

* Jerusalem has NEVER been the capital of Palestine or any Islamic country.

* All sovereign countries name their own capital.

* The last sovereign Arab country that illegally occupied portions of Jerusalem was Jordan and Jordan never turned it over to the PLO.

* Israel did not launch a war to acquire Jerusalem by force, as they were forced to respond to the illegal Jordanian presence AFTER Jordan attacked Israel.

* The Arab occupation of Jerusalem was noted for religious discrimination against Jews.

* The last Islamic country recognized by the world as having sovereign rights over Jerusalem was Turkey and they have not complained; indeed, they are an ally of Israel and facing the same Arab intransigence.

* Jews agreed to partition Israel according to UN resolutions and the Arabs answered by beginning a war.

* Jerusalem is mentioned more than 600 times in the Torah; it is never mentioned ONCE in the Koran.

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