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A new generation is stepping forward to lead the Republican Party in the 21st centuryIraq Veterans for Congress (IVC) continues to move forward to restoring leadership to Washington.Last week, Iraq Veterans for Congress (IVC) was featured in USA Today. In the past few weeks, candidates have been featured on the Mark Levin and Laura Ingraham shows.In recent days, many of our candidates have passed through tough primaries or secured their nominations. Duncan Hunter won a four-man primary in California, beating a well-funded millionaire in the process. Lee Zeldin secured the nomination of the Republican Party in NewYork. And Kieran Lalor was able to beat a career politician backed by former Governor Pataki at his own nominating convention.Iraq Veterans for Congress (IVC) need your continued support. Your contributions are driving the campaigns. With your help, we can restore our values to Washington. If you have already made a contribution, please consider making a new matching contribution. The campaigns are kicking into full gear and need your support. If you have been waiting to donate, now is the time. We have been tested by our primaries and we are ready to take on the Democrats in November.Visit Iraq Veterans for Congress to contribute today.

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