Summer Camp in Gaza Teaches Uncompromising Message

The continuation of the Islamist mantra to malign Israel after being defeated by her in wars that Islamists started. From Summer Camp in Gaza Teaches Uncompromising Message:

Summer camp for Palestinian children in Gaza isn’t all swimming and soccer. At the Hamas camp, attended by 60 children, organizer Hussein al-Talaa said the message was uncompromising. “We teach them…that we reject any partition of (Palestine), whether through agreements or by force.” “The (Israeli) occupation that took the land of Palestine will one day be uprooted at our hands.”

Frolicking in a playground at the Hamas camp, children burst into song. “A Hamas man does not fear death, a Hamas man acts for the sake of religion,” they sang. At the nearby Fatah camp, children sing songs praising Fatah fighters killed in combat with Hamas two months ago.

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