Summary of IDF Aerial Activity in Lebanon During the Day (July 23)

July 24nd 2006

Summary of IDF activity in Lebanon during the day

On Sunday July 23rd, more than 90 Katyusha missiles were launched at Israel, resulting in the death of two civilians and the wounding of dozens more.

The IDF continues to operate in order to defend the citizens of Israel from the barrage of missiles fired by Hezbollah, which operates from within Lebanese villages, using the local population as human shields.

The IDF carried out during the day more than 120 aerial attacks in Lebanon, to targets such as the following:
– More than 80 missiles-launching areas
– The Al Manar television station in Beirut that serves the Hezbollah terror organization.
– App. 20 vehicles suspected of serving the terror organization in the launching of missiles at Israel, and were recognized fleeing from or staying at missile-launching areas.
– Missiles launchers used to fire missiles at Israel.
– Structures serving Hezbollah terrorists for hideout and storage of Hezbollah weaponry.

The IDF will continue to use all means at its disposal in order to secure the citizens of Israel against the terror attacks originating from Lebanese territory, and to return the two abducted IDF soldiers, Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser to their homes safely.

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