Summary of IDF Activity in the Gaza Strip Overnight

August 22nd 2006

Summary of IDF activity in the Gaza Strip during the night

During the night, the IDF carried out aerial attacks in the Gaza Strip, targeting two buildings used for the manufacturing and storage of weaponry:

a building in Rafah used by Hamas and a building in Jabaliya used by the Islamic Jihad, the latter containing Qassam rockets and explosive devices.

Prior to the attacks on these terror facilities, and in order to ensure the safety of civilians in the area, the IDF warned the population not to stay in structures that are used by terrorist organizations for storing weaponry.

Terrorist organizations operate from within civilian population, while cynically exploiting uninvolved civilians and using them as human shields, exploiting their homes to store weaponry and launching rockets at Israeli towns from populated areas.

The IDF will continue to act with determination against terrorist organizations and terror infrastructure in order to create the conditions for the return of Cpl. Gilad Shalit and to stop terror attacks and the launching of missiles towards Israel.

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