Summary of IDF activity in the Gaza Strip in past 24 hours

The IDF has been operating in the northern Gaza Strip since July 26th in order to stop the launching of rockets at Israel and to destroy the terror infrastructure in the region. Forces have carried out a number of attacks, using both air and ground forces, against groups of armed gunmen who were identified in the area of Sajaiyah, east of Gaza city.During the night the IDF targeted three facilities used to store weaponry inthe northern Gaza Strip, two in the Jabaliya refugee camp and one in the Shati refugee camp. The IDF operation is directed solely against the Gaza Strip’s terror infrastructure. The IDF will make every effort in order to prevent civiliancasualties, and continues to stress to the civilian Palestinian populationthat, for their own safety, civilians should stay clear of combat zones.The IDF will continue to act with determination and to employ all means at its disposal against Palestinian terrorist infrastructure in the Gaza Strip to allow the return of Cpl. Gilad Shalit and to stop terrorist attacks and the launching of rockets at Israel.

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