Stop thinking like a Westerner and you will begin to understand terrorism

Why Terrorism Works

Terrorism works. Why? Stop thinking like a Westerner and you will begin to understand.

That’s the answer provided by Irwin Graulich in this excellent article.

Mr. Graulich explains when a once great civilization and religious culture fails miserably, it has only two choices. Go out of business or delude itself into believing it has not failed at all, by producing a new false reality of physical strength and spiritual greatness.

The previously mighty, powerful Arab and Muslim world has fallen into the dustbin of history. It no longer produces anything of value, wisdom, discovery or progress. Those amazing Arabian armies of the desert have been reduced to the laughing stock of West Point studies, with the six strongest Arab nations together being totally decimated by a tiny Jewish nation.

Thus, terrorism was born to compensate for a hatred of the good and successful, who are also superior in virtually every way.

Click here to read the entire article. It’s a keeper.

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