Stop Radical Islam From Conquering Jerusalem

The Petition to Save JerusalemPETITION

We believe that Jerusalem, under the sovereignty of the State of Israel is as free and open a city as any in the world. For more than three decades Jerusalem has been the united capital of the State of Israel, the Israeli government has acted as guardian of the holy sites – respecting the rights of all religious groups and guaranteeing access for all – Christians, Jews and Muslims. Israel’s record in this regard speaks for itself. It stands in sharp contrast to the situation that was created in 1948 at the time of Israel’s founding, when Jerusalem was forcibly divided as a result of the invasion of Arab armies. From 1948-1967, Jews, Israeli Arabs both Christians and Muslims were denied access to holy sites. Religious persecution led to desecration and destruction. This must never be allowed to recur. We believe that Israel has upheld its moral and ethical obligations to the people of the world and has earned the right to retain sovereignty over all of Jerusalem, according to the present boundaries. Moreover, we believe that Israel’s decision, as a free and democratic nation, to designate a united and undivided Jerusalem as its capital, should be respected and recognized by the entire international community.

Sign the One Jerusalem petition! Show the world that you support a unified Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty. Add your voice to the global chorus of the hundreds of thousands of people who are speaking out through One Jerusalem. When you speak out with One Jerusalem, the world will hear.To sign the petition, complete the information about yourself, then click “Sign the petition“.

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