Folks, keep your eyes on a new site, STOP the ISM. This website is still under construction. No doubt you heard about it on national radio or television and want to learn more about the ISM and what to do about this subversive group that represents America’s and Israel’s enemies. STOP the ISM will be building their site in coming weeks.

Meanwhile, if you have experience already fighting the ISM, feel free to email StopTheISM@att.net. Send pictures, stories, news articles, or anything you think will aid the movement. In the coming year, it is the intention of STOP the ISM to reveal to the American public the key players of the ISM here in the USA, Canada and Europe and to educate the public who they really represent: the PLO, the PFLP, Hamas and other terrorists like Yasser Arafat. And they promise results.

Stop the ISM is a consortium of patriotic Americans and supporters of the state of Israel , the only democracy in the Middle East. STOP the ISM recognizes that the ISM is an extension of the PLO, PFLP and Hamas that has targeted American university campuses and students in a goal of indoctrinating the next U.S. generations of students with false information. The long term goal of ISM is undermining and ultimately destroying both the Israeli and the U.S. governments. STOP the ISM are journalists, professionals, actors and writers who intend to wake up the American public to this seditious group that is working for overseas terrorist groups that, besides the umbrella organization of the PLO, include smaller groups such as the PFLP, Hamas, the Arab Ba’ath Party and Al Qaeda, as well as their allies in Communist Cuba and North Korea.


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