Steve Malzberg is back

I discovered last nite that the great talk show host, Steve Malzberg is back on the radio, this time on WOR. WOR New York has announced that political commentator and longtime WABC Sports Talk host Steve Malzberg joined WOR on May 7, for weekday evenings, 9-11 PM and is also syndicated nationally by the WOR Radio Network (weekdays, 9 PM-Midnight ET). Steve can also be heard on Sunday morning 3-5 am on WOR Radio and streaming at as well as on the WOR Radio Network around the nation at different times throughout the weekend. For the latest videos, stories, and posts, check out his blog.

Last nite I listened to Steve’s excellent interview with Research Director of CAIR Mohamed Nimer. Listen to Nimer promote CAIR’s Jew-hating, American-hating party line here, a re-broadcast of the interview originally aired on 7/5/07.

Excellent job, Steve. Next time, however, take time to refute the mythology that “palestinians” were forced from their homes at gunpoint in 1948. All of us can benefit from reading some more about what really happened in 1948.

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