State terrorism, police savagery

Hundreds of activists were injured–some seriously–as police forces violently stormed the hilltop community of Amona, bashed protestors and MKs, and demolished nine homes built two years ago.The Magen David Adom emergency medical service reported that a total of 144 wounded were evacuated to hospitals in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Roughly half of the injured were protestors. Hundreds of other wounded protestors were treated in Amona itself. Eleven people were evacuated by IDF helicopters – yet only a total of six are in serious or moderate condition.Close to 300 other protestors were treated in a giant tent set up for the purpose near the site of the destruction.Click on Play to view the video report.The police say they plan to make many more arrests. They will search through the hours of video film clips they took, and try to identify every protestor who threw something at police. They will then come and arrest them at home.

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