Starring on CNN

A must read. Christiane Amanpour, may your hand wither, your tongue split, and may you hemorrhage from your nose so that you will never again spread your filthy lies falsely equating Islam with a moral relativity equal to Judaism or Christianity. From Starring on CNN:

Did you see me? I was on CNN. My allotted portion amounted to 1.5 seconds. And I shared it with three others while the CNN narrator distorted the context of what we were actually doing. Cobbling together two hours of disjointed footage and commentary, CNN’s series “God’s Warriors” ostensibly exposed many of us – in Israel and the U.S. – as radical Jewish warriors: No different or any less dangerous than those among the world’s 1 billion Muslims who are radical in their way too. It was a scam, a hoax, a manipulation I tell you. The CNN field producer had learned of the Chicago Jewish Community Relations Council through her mother, a non-Jewish resident of a Chicago suburb who admired our leading role in advocating an end to the Darfur genocide. It was precisely this type of activity, the noble pursuit of justice by grassroots people motivated by religious impulses and acting through religious institutions that the producer claimed the network and its star correspondent, Christiane Amanpour, wanted to explore. She insisted that CNN’s aim was not to focus on the radical fringes among the Jews, Christians and Muslims. The writer is executive director of the Chicago Jewish Community Relations Council. (Jerusalem Post)

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