Stalin’s “Crimes Against Peace and Conspiracy”, August 1939

Received by email from Karl Huttenbauer:

On 19 August 1939, the Russian Dictator Stalin addressed “the Plenum of the Politburo of the Central Committee, the All-Union Organ of the Russian Communist Party”’

” On Questions of War or Peace”

“If we conclude the Treaty of Mutual Assistance with France and Great Britain, Germany will renounce its claim to Poland and seek a modus vivendi with the Western Powers. The War will be set aside. However, if we accept Germany’s offer for the conclusion of a non-aggression pact, she will naturally attack Poland and the entry of Great Britain and France into the War will become inevitable”.

“Western Europe will be caught up in serious troubles and disorders. The experience of the past twenty years demonstrates that in times of Peace the Communist movement in Europe has no chance of being strong enough to seize power. The dictatorship of a Communist Party may be envisaged only as a result of a Great War. Therefore we should accept the German proposal and politely send the Anglo-French mission home.”

“The first advantage that we would gain would be the seizure of Poland up to the gates of Warsaw, including Ukrainian Galicia”.

“Germany is reserving complete freedom of action for us in the Baltic States and will raise no objection to the return of Bessarabia to the USSR.”

“Thus our task consists of in making sure that Germany should be involved in War as long as possible, so that England and France should be so exhausted that they would no longer be capable of presenting a threat to us. We shall maintain a position of neutrality, although the USSR will provide raw materials and general supplies to Germany”.

“At the same time, we should carry out active Communist propaganda particularly in the Franco-British bloc – and above all in France. Our French comrades will not hesitate. The collapse and demoralization of the French Army and of defence in general will be part of the task”.

Comrades it is in the interests of the USSR – the Fatherland of the Workers – that War should break out between the Third Reich and the Franco-British capitalist bloc. Therefore we must give priority to the approval of the conclusion of the Pact proposed by Germany, and to work so that this War,which will be declared within a few days, shall last as long is possible”. — (“The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Empire”, Brian Crozier, Forum 1999)

Around midnight August 23-24, Stalin and Hitler consecrated the infamous “Molotov- Ribbentrop” Pact (appending Secret Protocols in contravention of International Law).

The ceremony concluded with Stalin’s toast “to the longevity of Adolf Hitler”.

Sixty-seven yars later (2006), Hezbollah conspired and committed crimes against peace attacking Israel’s civilian population with “Stalin Organs” alias katyusha rockets.

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