Spiegel Interview with Jordan’s King Abdullah II

Here is an interview, conducted and published in Spiegel, with Jordan’s King Abdullah II who discusses the way out of the chaotic situation in Iraq, successes in the war against terror and the necessity of negotiations with Tehran’s mullahs. An excerpt (emphasis mine):

SPIEGEL: Your Majesty, the terrorist Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi posed a threat not only to Iraq, but also to your country. Now he is dead. Has the Middle East become a safer place?

King Abdullah II: One chapter was closed, but terrorism and extremism are going to continue. Al-Zarqawi will be replaced by somebody else, whoever it will be. Obviously for Jordanians because of the murder of 60 people here …

SPIEGEL: … in November, when suicide bombers attacked three hotels in Amman.

King Abdullah: It brings us a closure and a reason to move on. That part may be over. But it’s a tactical game in the fight against terrorism. At the end of the day we want to bring stability and hope to Iraq. That’s the only way to defeat terrorism.

SPIEGEL: Is it true that Jordanian intelligence played a decisive role in tracking al-Zarqawi down?

King Abdullah II: We have played a role and this is not something new. We have been working with the international community not only in relation to al-Zarqawi, but in tracking down many other terrorists as well. Historically, with Germany we have done a lot of close work. This was part of a global strategy.

“A global strategy.” Yeah, as long as no one asks Israel her opinion, the prognosis for peace is good.

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