Spencer on CNN Headline News: More on August 22

Via Robert Spencer of JihadWatch:

I was on Glenn Beck’s CNN Headline News show Thursday evening, and Alex Porter has kindly made a video clip available here. Even though it is a few days old, we are discussing the signifance of August 22, so it is still pertinent for another week.

Those looking for background on August 22 can consult my July 27 article for background. Bernard Lewis also wrote about it a few days ago, and now others have begun to pick up on it too.

Since many people have been asking me, I think it is incumbent upon me to answer the question: Do I really think that we’re in for a nuclear holocaust a week from Tuesday? Well, predicting the end of the world is a lose-lose proposition: if you’re wrong, everyone laughs at you, and if you’re right, there’s nobody around to whom you can brag. Therefore, I decline to do so.

Seriously, however, there is of course no way to be sure what is in the dark mind of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. It’s a threat — probably an empty one like so many others, but also a signal to jihadists around the world. It is also entirely possible that his reasons for picking the August 22 date have nothing to do with the Miraj and the illumination of the night sky over Jerusalem. I just hope that the relevant authorities will be watching developments in Iran very closely on that day.

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