Special Rights For Muslims in Italy

The city council of Riccione, a popular resort on Italy’s Adriatic coast about 90 miles east of Florence, has said it is prepared to authorize requests to set up partitions on parts of the shoreline to satisfy requests from the town’s growing numbers of Arab and Muslim tourists. Hotels at an Italian seaside resort are eager to act on the town’s decision to authorize the creation of all-female beach sections for Muslim women, with at least one hotel owner saying Friday that plans are already under way to open the first of such secluded areas next month. “They can have anything they want, but they can’t go to the beach, at least not without all those heavy clothes,” Attilio Cenni, owner of the upscale Grand Hotel des Bains, said of his female Muslim guests. Cenni said he plans to open the first secluded section starting in September on a stretch of shoreline of about 1,000 square meters (10,000 square feet) and to expand further next season across the more isolated beaches on Riccione’s outskirts.

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