Spain, NATO, and Israel

From Spain, NATO, and Israel:

In recent years there has been a change for the better in Israel’s portrayal in the Spanish media. Now at least a few columnists expose Palestinian terrorism, attack anti-Semitism, and outline the problematic context in which Israel has to operate. Both the terror attacks in Madrid on 11 March 2004 that killed about two hundred, and the Israeli disengagement in 2005 have changed Israel’s image. In general, the Spanish media remain biased against Israel, often portraying the Israeli government in a harsh light. The correspondents of Spanish papers are based in Jerusalem and spend a large part of their time with the Palestinians. One point of light is former prime minister Jose Maria Aznar. Through FAES, the think tank he heads, he promotes Israel joining NATO. Raphael Bardaji is head of International Policy Studies at the Foundation for Social Analysis and Study (FAES) in Madrid and is a personal adviser to FAES head Jose Maria Aznar.

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