Southeast Asia Shaken by Rise Of Strict Islam (

Southeast Asia Shaken by Rise Of Strict Islam (

Look closely at the picture:


Indonesian Muslim students shout “Jihad, Jihad” (Holy War) during a demonstration outside the U.S. embassy in Jakarta [November, 2000].


Here’s an excerpt from the article:

In the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, hundreds of young men dressed in flowing white prayer robes and armed with machetes, who call themselves the Front for the Protection of Islam, have been ransacking bars and beating up prostitutes. In response to the recent violence in the Middle East as well as diplomatic disputes between the U.S. and Indonesian governments, thousands of Muslim activists have held noisy rallies where they have burned Israeli and U.S. flags, and members of the Islamic front have been prowling Indonesian cities at night looking for Jews and Americans, whom they have threatened to kill.

The article continues to explain that part of the reason why people in these countries of Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines have turned to radical Islam is essentially backlash because they feel oppressed by the wealthy Christians.

I don’t see what this has to do with Jews, do you?

Regardless of the envy-factor that is being cited as contributing to the rise of fundamentalist Islam, there is definitely institutionalized hatred toward Jews going on.

Again, look at the picture, and read the sign.

And on the heels of the Malaysian prime minister’s repugnant remarks this past week — Mr. Bush had to cut his Philippines trip short due to threats from – not Israel or Jews – but Islamists.

Tell THAT to terrorist apologists.

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