Somalia forces retake capital from Islamists

From Somalia Forces Retake Capital from Islamists:

Islamist fighters abandoned Mogadishu, the Somali capital, as thousands of troops of the transitional government and the Ethiopian infantrymen who have been backing them marched into the city on Thursday in a stunning reversal of fortune. In five days, the internationally recognized government, that was marooned in a provincial market town, captured the capital and most of Somalia – with more than a little help from Ethiopia. The Islamists, whom many Western nations had considered a grave and growing regional threat with terrorist connections, were vanquished or at least removed from power. On Sunday, Ethiopia, with tacit approval from the U.S., carried out an aggressive counterattack against the Islamist forces after the Islamists had vowed to invade Somali-speaking areas of Ethiopia and wage a holy war against it.

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