Solly Ganor replies to accusations that he was never a Holocaust survivor

Folks, I received this letter from Naomi Ragen; it is a shocking story about a web site feigning Jewish ownership in order to deny the Holocaust and a Holocaust survivor and educator, Solly Ganor.


From Naomi Ragen:


A few weeks ago, I started to get e-mail defaming author and Holocaust survivor Solly Ganor, whose material I often send you. I was shocked at the allegations which seemed wild: i.e. that he wasn’t really a survivor, he never was in Dachau, etc. etc.

I asked Solly what was going on. This is his response.



Dear Friends,

Today, as we commemorate Yom Hashoa ‘‘The Holocaust Day, those of us who are survivors will reunite with the memories of our nearest and dearest who perished in the Holocaust. I personally have lost my mother, who died on

December 25, 1944 in the concentration camp of Stutthof by Danzig. My brother was murdered by the Nazis and their Lithuanian collaborators in July 1941.

You are probably aware of the numerous websites denying the Holocaust and preaching their hate against the Jewish people and the State of Israel.

But there are also websites who are more dangerous by far because they pretend to be Jews and therefore are likely to be listened to.

There is one particular group, (I was asked not to mention their name, so as not give them free publicity), that has lately been maligning Holocaust institutions, such as Yad Vashem, their directors and individual Holocaust survivors like myself.

This letter is addressed to those friends who read the allegations against me.

As much as I hate to do it, many of my Holocaust survivor friends asked me to write a rebuttal to the allegations because in a way it also effects their credibility.

The following is a statement made by the association of Survivors, Landsberg/Kaufering/ Outer Camps of Dachau:

Association of Survivors, Landsberg/Kauering/ OuterCamps of Dachau.

Affiliate of Dachau International.

Registration number in Israel 58-017-598-2.

P.O.B 17510, Tel Aviv, 61174

Fax: 972-3-962399

Dear Friends,

It has come to our attention that a group on the internet, claiming to be survivors wrote a slanderous article on their website against a member of our board of directors Mr. Solly Ganor. We know it for a fact that they are not survivors, that they simply are Holocaust deniers pretending to be survivors. At a special meeting of our association we have decided to issue the following statemnt:

Let it be known, that Mr. Solly Ganor is known to all the members of our association since childhood. Most of us went through the Holocaust in Lithuania, Stutthof and the outer camps of Dachau together. Therefore those outrageous lies

and defamation about his person in unacceptable. Let it also be known that any attack on Mr. Solly Ganor we consider an attack on all the members of our association.

We further declare, that his book ‘Light One Candle ‘ from Lithuania to Jerusalem, we consider our own genuine story. The survivors and the editors of the English version and the German version of his book inspected the manuscript

for any possible mistakes before it was published.

It is almost sixty years since our liberation and in all these years we have never come across anything so malevolent and vicious as this document written by any organizaton against a Holocaust survivor.

The Board of Directors,

The Association of Survivors Landsberg/Kaufering (Outer Camps of Dachau )

Since their main contention is that I was never in the concentration camps of Stutthof or Dachau, the document bellow prove that they are liars and everything else they write about me is just malevolent fiction.

KZ-Gedenkstaette Dachau Museum-Archiv-Bibliothek

Alte Roemerstrasse 75

D-85221 Dachau

Excerpt from the archives of the concentration camp of Dachau the names of the registered prisoners by alphabetic order

Explenation of the abbreviations:

Name: Genkind Solly ( Solly Ganor)

Born: 18.5.1928, Kauen

Last known address: Kauen, Kalviu 13

Prisoner’s number : 92298

Nationality : Lithuanian Jew

Arrived in Dachau 18.8.1944, from Sutthof Liberated on 2.5.1945

KZ-Gedenkstaetter Dachau, 24.3.2004

i.A Anne Stiller

For further reference one can write to:

Dr. Barbara Distel, director of,

KZ-Gedenkstaette Dachau Museum-Archiv-Bibliothek

Alte Roemerstrasse 75

D-85221 Dachau


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