A Soldier Who Fell “Doing What He Loved Most”

From A Soldier Who Fell “Doing What He Loved Most”: As a fighter in the IDF’s Oketz canine unit, or “Sting” in English, St.-Sgt. Kiril Golenshin, 21, and his beloved German Shepherd “Mako” were at the spearhead of the IDF’s nightly war against Palestinian Muslim terror. Golenshin was at the front of the force when he was gunned down Wednesday while leading the charge on a house in Beit Hanoun. As an only child, Kiril could have opted for a non-combat position during his service, but he insisted on combat. He died one week before he was to begin a commanders’ course.

A friend said at the funeral: “You were a warrior at the forefront of the nation’s defense, and you died doing exactly what you loved most, and for this we envy you.” His father said, “When I asked you if you would stop with all these dangerous operations, I remember how you looked at me and said: ‘Dad, I am with my best friends doing what I love. I can’t stop.’ So I gave my blessing.”

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