A Smooth Stone “Thinking Out Loud” Moment

Makes you wonder why President Bush and the State Department came out calling for a Palestinian state, fell over themselves welcoming Mazen to the scene, oppose the fence, oppose settlements, refuse to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, and routinely caution Israel to exercise restraint when it tries to defend its people.

In fact, we can go back to other Presidents, like Bush Sr. who withheld flight codes from Israel during the Gulf War to ensure they wouldn’t retaliate for the Scud bombings, and Reagan, who groveled at nazi graves at Bitburg and sold AWACS to the Saudis.

We also wonder why Congress is going to reduce loan guarantees dollar for dollar to the extent they finance settlement-building (and possibly fence-building).

We also can’t explain how less than 15 million Jews in the entire world, the majority of them not Israeli, can “occupy” an America in which they constitute less than 2% of the population. Nor can we explain how “every” American politician is controlled by the Jewish magic wand when most of those politicians represent districts with few or no Jews.

Let’s face it. Jews don’t cause evil in others. Those already devoted to evil causes will invariably start by hating Jews, who are the collective canary in the mine.

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