Smooth Stone Thanks Our Readers for their Support

Folks, we want to thank everyone for supporting Smooth Stone. We’ve been receiving a lot of positive feedback and so we want to say thank you for cheering us on and spreading the word.

All we ask is that we are adequate at what we do and that we succeed in getting out the message that Israel is a nation of exceptions and precedences and therefore, can not be held to the same mirror as other nations. Her rebirth came out of a genocide and her existence and survival is in spite of an attempt to perpetuate the genocide.

World War II and the Holocaust did not create the rights of the Jewish people to a national home in Palestine, but rather recognized a pre-existing right for the links of the Jewish people to their historic land. THAT is the message that must be spread. It’s about the association of the Jewish people with the Land of Israel which was accepted in the Judeo-Christian tradition as a historical axiom for thousands of years, only to be chipped away and whittled down by Jew haters and Islamists – for the fact is, the cult of Palestinianism has seduced the entire global community and this cult is based on a lie.

Now it’s time to start telling the truth.

Baruch HaShem. Am Yisrael Chai. Ma fish falastin.

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