Smooth Stone protests the removal of all religiosity from our society

Smooth Stone

The Smooth Stone team wants to take the time to protest the new directive of some people to remove all religiosity from our society.

Do we really need to remove flowers and crosses – artifacts from roadside memorials – from the side of the road where someone died during a car accident? Ellen Johnson, of National Atheists, says that not picking up these artifacts by the state highway patrols, is a nationwide problem. When roadside memorials are removed, replacing them is usually denied by the state highway patrol authorities.

Folks, the athiests are winning.

Is it really a priority to remove these memorials? Didn’t we see so many memorials right after 9-11? Didn’t we all NEED to see these memorials?

The quest for the desire to have No God is really the voice of an extremely small minority. There is no constitutional amendment that protects atheists from having to look at roadside memorials. In other words, tough freakin’ luck to all the Madalyn Murray O’Hairs out there.

The Smooth Stone team also protests the residents controlling the neighborhood of an 80-year-old Floridian who have ordered her to remove a three-foot-tall statue of the Virgin Mary from her front yard.

We also protest that a charity Christmas CD has been banned from distribution because it mentions the baby Jesus.

A new website has been launched to combat what the creators see as a growing intolerance for the term “Christmas” in American culture. “Christmas is an endangered holiday in public spaces,” said co-founder Kirk McElwain. “The site lists companies and organizations that engage in egregious revisionism and promotes awareness of this growing phenomenon known as Christmas intolerance.”

The Smooth Stone team wants to remind our readers that Islamofascists also want to remove our religious symbols and icons. Let’s not help them along.

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