Arabs have been killing Jews since as early as 1882

We’ve often heard the ludicrous claim that Zionists introduced terrorism into the Middle East. However, this cannot be substantiated by the facts. Arabs in then-Palestine attacked and terrorized Jews and their villages for 39 years before any sort of organized Jewish defense responded. From 1882 to 1921, Jewish villages were attacked and Jews were murdered.

And keep in mind that this started 35 years before the Balfour Declaration. Clearly the problem is not Zionism, but rather, reactionary xenophobia toward the Jews by an intolerant dominant ethnic group. Can you guess which group?

The following Jewish villages (listed from north to south) were attacked by Arabs between 1882 and 1914:

Sejera, Kinneret, Yavniel, Degania, Merhavia, Hadera, Petakh Tikvah, Ben Shemen, Ness Tziona, Rehovot, and Gedera.

By 1920 to 1921 the attacks were more frequent and more organized. In March, 1920 an armed band of Arab irregulars from the village of Halsa attacked the Jewish village of Tel Hai killing eight Jews.

Also attacked in March and April were the Jewish villages of:

Ayelet Hashachar, Mashmar Hayarden, Mahanyim and Rosh Pina in the upper Galilee, and Sharona Menahamiya, Kfar Tavor and Degania in the lower Galilee.

Kinneret was attacked first in March and then again in April, causing an emergency meeting to be held in June to decide on how to defend against Arab attacks. It was decided to set up a defense force which they called the Haganah.

Attacks on Metulla, Hamara, and Kfar Giladi in 1920 forced the evacuation of those villages.

On April 25 the village of Bnei Yehuda was attacked, driving out all the inhabitants, who were forced to abandon the village. Bnei Yehuda was never rebuilt. And it wasn’t the Jews who began to destroy villages and attempt to expunge “the other” from the area.

In May of 1921 bands of Arab irregulars attacked the Jewish neighborhoods of Haifa, Hadera, Jaffa, Petah Tikva, and Rehovot.

In November, 1921 the Haganah repelled an Arab attack on the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem.

So much for “occupation” being a root cause of Muslim terrorism.

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